Mirit Harari

September 20, 2020

Many people who have done something good in this world, are only recognized after they are gone, and their legacy only then begins to be an inspiration. Mirit Harari passed away today, after telling us all in the last few months how good the world we live in is, only if we choose to make it that way. Mirit was an inspiration and strength for many, many others whose strength had already run out, and swept away many readers after her posts whose words inspired with kindness and goodness, while she was alive.

I admit that in recent years the world has not seemed as bright to me as it did in my childhood, but thanks to women like her, I receive the wonderful reminder that it is only in our hands to make it so. Mirit's light will continue to shine even after her passing.

A combination of watercolors and acrylic markers.

Mirit Harari painting